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You Will Find These Innate Gifts Within Yourself

by | May 14, 2022

There is something deep within ourselves that we want to share with the world. 

This something goes beyond who we think we are. It goes beyond where we were born, who and where we grew up, and beyond everything we have ever been told about ourselves. 

This deeper part of ourselves would still exist even if we grew up in a different body, in a different place, and a different time. It’s in our core. 

Because it so much a part of ourselves we automatically assume everyone else has it too. 

This can cause us to devalue our special gifts, believing they are common, and of not much use to others. So we try and fill ourselves with other peoples gifts, trying to raise our value, sense of self worth, and confidence. 

Instead we can look to our past, present and future to discover our gifts, our authentic self. 

We can look at some of the “happiest” times in our past. Some of the most fulfilling times of our past, and ask ourselves, why was that time so fulfilling? Why did I love doing that so much? What did I get from it? 

You will see that even during these most fulfilling times you faced enormous challenges and hardships, but they were just part of the fun too weren’t they? That’s because they fulfilled what we will call your highest VALUES. 

Our Values are our strengths, our habits, our purpose, our true identity, and our gifts to the world. They are what gets us into a state of flow, removed from space and time, in pure bliss losing ourselves in our activity, in-spite of difficult challenges. 

We can also look to our present to discover our values, our authentic self. What do we think about, talk about, dream about every day without having to be reminded? What do we keep close to ourselves? Why do we do what we are doing? These are all indicators of our values and authentic self. 

We can look to our future too. What are we spontaneously planning, working toward, and slowly attaining over time? What are we not willing to give up on or compromise on? 

Knowing your authentic self comes with power, confidence, determination and certainty. It allows you to set goals you won’t give up on. It allows you to create a long term vision, it allows you to plan realistically, and it allows you to take on and overcome difficult challenges with enthusiasm. You won’t have much for limiting beliefs when you are being authentic because deep down you know you can do it. 

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