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Who Are You Being?

by | Aug 4, 2023

Who are you Being?

This might be the most important question you can ever ask yourself. 

When something terrible happens…Who are you Being?

When something amazing happens….Who are you Being?

When nothing happens…Who are you Being?

Are you Being Fearful and Afraid when the threats are coming your way?

Are you Being Angry, Hateful, Judgemental, and Violent when the inconceivable happens to you?

Are you Being Sad, Hopeless, Apathetic, Guilty when you  have lost everything?

How will you Choose to Be when they try to destroy your spirit?

Will you let them or will you rise above all physical creations and keep your spirit intact.

The one thing nobody can ever take away from you is your Being. You must give that away. 

It’s a choice. And it can happen in a split second if you are not mindful and prepared. 

Look beyond the physical, beyond fear, anger, guilt, shame…Look to your Being. 

Consider the infinite ripple effects of your Being. 

Being is the most powerful action you can take. You can not be manipulated or controlled if you are choosing your Being. 

Consider your infinite nature, nothing can be taken from you, and you cannot be destroyed, there is nothing to fear. There is nothing to hate. 

Let Love emanate from your Being, and fill up the world around you. 

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