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The Best Strategy is a Mindset Shift

by | May 18, 2022

I remember way back when doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts competitions, I would think about and try all kinds of logical strategies and techniques I thought would work for the fight…with poor results.

None of these logical strategies were as effective as shifting my mindset by creating a Mantra. A Mantra is a set of internal dialogue or commands for myself to repeat over and over in between matches.

The Mantra forced me to focus on MY intentions, what I wanted to do during the match, this created a powerful mindset that resulted in amazing results.

Here’s a little sample of what I was repeating…

Keep moving, Make him tap, use momentum, make him tap, use your speed, make him tap, fake him out, make him tap, attack attack, make him tap, and on and on.

These were commands I had memorized for my mind and body to follow, telling myself exactly what to do, and taking up a lot of my attention. The opposite was allowing my mind to drift from one distraction to another, with terrible results.

You can create your own Mantra or commands such as “speak clearly, stand tall, look em in the eye”, repeating this before your presentation or meeting.

This concept may seem simple but commanding your mind and body to focus on and do what you want it to do can have surprising results.

Our minds are association making machines, and every time we hear a word or set of words our minds are triggered with images, feelings and actions.

If your having trouble falling asleep just try repeating sleepy words like “rest, tired, cozy”. Or if you need to wake yourself up try saying, “Alert, Awake, Up and Adam”.

By doing this you are choosing to influence yourself rather than be influenced by the outside world. You are choosing to fill your mind with your commands, rather than the commands of others or a drifting mind.

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