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Stress! Feeling it is the Key

by | Mar 11, 2020

Stress means you are not enjoying or appreciating something in your present moment. You want to get away from something, like work, the kids, etc, or you want to move towards something that is out of reach right now, like cravings, more money, reaching your goals etc. Stress is the desire for some kind of change. It is not a good state to be in for problem solving or creativity. It is not a resourceful state.

Instead of resisting the feeling of stress, and trying to get rid of it by taking action or eating sweets or drinking, smoking or any other habits, let yourself feel the stress for a few moments. Be willing to feel the stress. Embrace the stress. Let it in and just feel it.

By doing this you immediately bring yourself to the present moment and allow yourself to feel. Look around your environment and see what is around you. See how amazing the things in your world are. See all the inventions, technology, people, the history of the objects and people around you.

If a stressful thought appears pay attention to how it feels in your body. Does it make your stomach tighten, or your shoulders. Just observe and be aware of how your thoughts are affecting your physical body.

Allow yourself to appreciate the people or things you want to get away from. How are these things helping you to reach your goals? What opportunities are they presenting to you? What resources are they drawing out of you that you otherwise wouldn’t have summoned?

If you are stressed because of something you feel you don’t have, consider how you actually do have it. If you are stressed because of lost love, consider who is loving you. If you are stressed because of not enough money, consider the money you do have, your physical assets, and other less obvious assets you have. By focusing on what you have you create a state of resourcefulness that will snowball into greater things. You may create a long list of all that you have and let appreciate and joy well up inside you. This is a productive, resourceful state. Enjoy.

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