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Stop Self Sabotage

by | Mar 12, 2020

Who we are, is what we get.

If you want to live your life to the fullest, and maximize fulfillment, joy and love, you’ll have to put energy, focus, and attention on being more and more authentic. Being authentic is not easy or natural. We were raised to not be authentic. We created habits to hide our authenticity so we could fit in, survive, or get what we think we want. Our fears push us out of authenticity. We think we are benefiting somehow, but in the long run, we are only sabotaging our lives.

Focusing on our code of conduct is one of the first steps to becoming more authentic and in touch with our true selves, so we can avoid self sabotage.

An example is telling white lies. When we do this we are hiding a part of ourselves that we are afraid to accept. We are not loving that part of ourself, creating guilt, shame, self sabotage, and not addressing the underlying issue.

Swearing also has a funny effect on our authenticity. Instead of using clearly defining words that allow us to become more aware, we use filler words that increase passions and emotions. Swearing has a time and place, but habitual swearing can keep you out of touch with yourself, creating excessive negative emotions and self sabotage.

Not buying valuable assets (aka stealing) trains your mind to perceive scarcity in your life. Stealing actually makes you poor. Even if nobody ever knows about it, when you know about it, you’re only left to conclude that you can’t create enough value to afford buying these things. And you don’t want them enough to save and put effort to get them.

If you cheat, especially in love, you become unfaithful, you rob yourself of trusting in others love, your future, the world. You can’t see yourself as lovable. How much action can a person take if they don’t have faith, trust, and love?

By raising your standards, your code of conduct, you avoid these pitfalls of self sabotage.

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