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Resolving Trauma

by | May 9, 2022

Most people believe that it takes a very long time to resolve trauma. Hours of Therapy and hundreds or thousands of dollars. I know firsthand that this is not true. There are fairly simple ways that a skilled coach can resolve trauma in a matter of minutes or hours.

This is not done with hypnosis or anything like that, it’s done simply by asking wise questions that help to raise the awareness of the person being coached. By raising awareness the pain is relieved. It only took a short moment of time to create the trauma, and it’s resolution only takes a short moment as well.

It’s the long time in-between, holding painful memories that is long. As time goes on we may have small epiphanies, small increases in awareness, that help the pain to slowly fade away. We get the wisdom of the ages.

Coaching can shorten the time period of epiphanies dramatically, raising awareness significantly, and therefore eliminating emotional pain. You may be wondering, awareness of what? How is this awareness going to resolve my trauma? This is something not easily explained with words, but you become aware of the love that surrounds you at all times, you become aware that there are no mistakes, and you become aware that everything has happened to you for a reason. If you’d like to experience this, please visit my contact page and join me for a coaching session.

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