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How to Deal with Anxiety

by | Mar 10, 2020

Anxiety and Fear is a form of future based thinking. Whenever we are thinking about the future or the past, we are doing it in the present moment. Our minds become engrossed in thoughts and images of the future and all of the events and negatives that may possibly happen one day. We think about things that may be taken away from us, or things that we don’t want, coming into our lives. During this whole process, we are still in the present moment, but we are not appreciating the present moment. We do this because we feel we are getting some positive result by focusing on the future, and considering possible negative situations. This can be wise, if it involves things that we can control. It’s just being proactive. But over-thinking things that are out of our control uses up a lot of our energy and creates stress. There may be other unconscious benefits that we are getting by doing this as well. It may also happen that the more we try to not be anxious or fearful, the more it persists, this is because we are still engrossed in our thoughts, and not appreciating the present moment of Now. 


Here are some steps to help with anxiety, read slowly and go through the steps:


When you recognize that anxiety has hit, do not resist the thoughts or feelings, allow yourself to feel them and place your attention on your body. Let yourself feel what your body is feeling. Just remember that you have a body, and it wants some awareness on it now. Feel any tension in your body, and let that tension do whatever it wants to do. Next, go into those thoughts and feelings that create anxiety, instead of thinking that they might happen, imagine that they already happened. Experience them as if they have happened in the past. Maybe last month, let yourself feel those feelings now. Think about how everyone involved is managing, problem solving, taking action and surviving if not thriving after the event happened. Think about how this negative event generated a positive strength in you and others. Think about who came to your aid, supported and loved you in your time of need and pain. Sit in this feeling of love and strength for as long as you like. 

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