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How Our Judgements Affect Our Lives

by | Sep 13, 2022

What is judgement? How does it cause us suffering? It’s simply a narrowing of the mind, narrowing of our perception and view of the world. Like looking through a camera and believing we have full awareness. Judgement happens anytime we label someone, ourselves, or the world either consciously or subconsciously. This can be a negative or a positive label. Both are a cause of suffering. It is ignorance of the structure of reality that causes pain and suffering, and negative emotions. High awareness creates peace, and positive emotions. Being self-aware enough to recognize when we are making judgments of ourselves and others, and trying to balance our judgements creates a perception of our lives improving. Our lives are not actually improving, we are just feeling more positive emotion in spite of our circumstances.  Expanding our awareness beyond narrow judgments opens our hearts. Judgments of others, and ourselves create pain and suffering because our judgments are never true, because the truth is not narrow or one sided. It is multidimensional, expansive, varied, and forever changing. When what’s in our minds doesn’t match the reality of the world we experience pain and suffering. It’s a feedback system guiding us toward the truth. Mindfulness is noticing when we feel mental pain or pleasure, watching the feedback system. When our minds can see the beautiful reality of the world we feel loved, we feel gratitude, and we can love others, ourselves, and the world wholeheartedly. 

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