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Ask Questions That Give You Answers You Actually Want

by | Apr 4, 2022

The easiest life hack….ask questions that give you answers you actually want. A lot of my awareness is spent paying attention to what questions are asked. The types of questions others ask, and especially the type of questions that I ask myself. It’s surprising how often we ask questions that we really don’t want to need the answer to. For example:

You can ask, “Why are people/my husband/my wife/my boss etc such sheep?”…How does this make you feel?

Or a much better question to ask is, “Who is supporting me right now? Who is with me? Who is fighting back?”…How does this make you feel?

Start paying attention to the questions you are habitually asking, and start designing questions consciously that serve your purpose. 

Do some “Questions Storming”, and brainstorm your best questions…and then relax and let your mind take care of the rest.

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