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The Expanded Map Of Consciousness

by | Feb 26, 2024

This is the Expanded Map of Consciousness with my own interpretations and additions.

The Expanded Map of Consciousness (with additions by Calgary Life Coach and Demartini Facilitator in Canada) is shown above. It is a powerful coaching tool and perspective to see through the matrix of life, and to interpret reality through the lens of Energy.

The basis of seeing the world through the lens of energy can be accessed from the understanding of E=mc2.


Energy = Matter = Space = Time


This leads us to two very important understandings.


All things that exist are Energy,




Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.


Therefore we attain three Truths:

You are Energy & You are Infinite!

Others are Energy & Others are Infinite!

The World is Energy & The World is Infinite!


Knowing this, we have a determination for truth. And when we see and know the truth, we are at peace, but when we are ignorant, or in illusion, we feel stress and pain.

Pain is a simple feedback mechanism.

Once we study the nature of infinity, we can ask questions from an infinite perspective, this allows us to have epiphanies, a new understanding, a higher awareness, and move out of pain and suffering, into Peace and Love.

Each stage of consciousness has a purpose and is useful, not to be judged as good or bad, simply higher or lower, or painful or peaceful.

The stages can be transcended slowing one at a time, or can be skipped to the higher levels, like changing the channel on the television. The frequency can change in an instant.

It should be noted that each level is a personal choice, not something imposed on you. You choose which level you are at based on your thoughts and perceptions. See the “Type of Thinking” Column to identify which types of thoughts create pain or peace, and which level they reside.

The illusion lies in telling you that each state is imposed on you, but this is untrue, it is only lack of awareness that is keeping you stuck in the lower states, you can choose to see things from a higher perspective if you decide to do so.

During life coaching, I will guide you and ask you questions that help you to have these epiphanies, helping you to raise your perspective, to see things from a higher, infinite perspective, you will notice right away a change in your emotions and feelings.

This is you growing, learning, becoming, more of who you already are. This is a lifting of the veil, seeing the beauty and love that is our reality.

I invite you to join me in the evolution of consciousness.

Doug Spence, Life Coach in Calgary and Demartini Facilitator in Canada.

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