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The Demartini Method® for Grief

by | Sep 18, 2023

The Demartini Method for grief has been proven effective with thousands of grief stressed people worldwide. It is a scientific, repeatable process based on almost 50 years of research by Dr. Demartini in the field of human behaviour.

His method has been taught to thousands of facilitators and his mission is to change the way grief is perceived. No one needs to suffer from grief for more than three hours. Dr. Demartini has created a breakthrough in our understanding of grief and how to dissolve the pain and suffering that accompany grief. There is no longer a need to wait years for grief to fade. With his process we are able to get the wisdom of the ages without the age. We can move forward and get on with our lives and purpose sooner, and live with poise and presence, while honouring our loved ones for who they truly are.

The four step process typically takes 2-3 hours to complete, and follow up sessions may be needed if any remnant stressors were missed during the first sessions. Unfortunately the common understanding of grief is antiquated and many find it difficult to comprehend how this method could be so effective. That’s why I ask my clients to rate their grief from 1-10 before and after the sessions and if their stress and pain has not lowered then I don’t expect payment. 

I invite you to give the Demartini Method for grief a try and accept my satisfaction guarantee. 

For more information watch my Presentation “Transforming Grief”

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