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About Me

Hi my name is Doug Spence and I am a Life Coach. I am also a Dad, Homeschooler, and Life Long Learner located in Calgary Alberta.

I’ve spent my life learning how to develop people and help them reach their fullest potential. Everything I do is focused on finding ways to help people overcome their traumas, negative self image, low self esteem, and to start taking control of their lives, their thoughts and feelings, and start to become who and what they really want to become. 


Over the years I have learned many powerful Self-Coaching strategies that one can do on their own, or together with a coach. I would like to start sharing these Self-Coaching strategies with Clients who want to take control of their life, level up, or just start feeling better. 

My Gifts, Your Reward

Everyone has gifts, below are my top five that I do naturally without thinking, like a fish that isn’t aware he’s in water, I swim in these gifts everyday, and I want to share them with you, and discover yours.


Lifelong Learner

Since Covid started in early 2020 I’ve seen just about everything you can imagine. And if you’re here, you probably have too! So I understand where you’re coming from and the stresses you’re probably under. I’m constantly obtaining new, useful information for myself and my clients.

I can Relate to You

I love to connect one-on-one. My goal of starting this coaching/counselling service is to help you best thrive in these changing times. I believe I can help you function in a higher state of mind, and help you not get caught up in stress, fear, panic, anger or resentment. I believe these states can be useful at times, but also take their toll and sometimes we need to get beyond them. 

Developer of Human Beings

I help to expand people. That’s what I do. Everything I have to offer is self-taught after more than 10 years of reading and studying personal development books and material. I’ve done so with a focus on what works. I like solutions that get real results and don’t just dig up the past for no good reason. 

Effective Strategies 

I’m strategic, I find a way. What I’ve learned is that questioning our beliefs, and balancing our perceptions is the best way to take control of the way we feel. And if we can control how we feel, we are better positioned to control the actions we want to take. It really works!

Looking to the Future

I’m forward looking. We create our future and whether it’s a trauma, addiction or craving, job loss, death or loss of friendship or loved one, divorce or breakup, family or money issues, or just overwhelm from covid, these can be handled better from a more balanced, appreciative, and loving state of mind, so we can move forward.  

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During our first session we will meet via Zoom Video call. After getting to know each other a little bit we will begin our first (free) discovery session, discussing your current situation and then where you would really like to be.